Shy Away

Shy Away for FMP.

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The theme of this project was being Shy. We created a Shyness awareness campaign to help people who experienced shyness and to let them know its normal behavior. Shyness is often looked at as a bad thing, being rebranded as a mental illness, referred to as Social Anxiety or Social Phobia 6 million people in the UK confess to being shy to some degree, so it’s normal.

The message of this project is that ‘We are people too’ meaning shy people shouldn’t be treated differently because they don’t behave in a ‘normal’ way. The name of the campaign is Shy Away, it’s quite clever as it has a double meaning; (i) to shy away from. (ii) shy away! (begone.).

The idea behind the logo is that it uses negative space, the eye creates a speech bubble even though it’s not there. Speech bubbles are a symbol of communication; therefore anything appearing above the logo is showing communication. The project consists of a series of posters, which portray 4 of the symptoms of shyness, including quotes and sayings, which lend support to the images. The logo is used at the bottom in a way that frames everything in a speech bubble. The symptoms used were;

-Nausea-butterflies in your stomach.

-The inability to speak.

-The feeling that everyone is staring at you.


The concept was to use both humans and animal characters to portray the traits of shyness, keeping with quite a comical, tongue in cheek illustration style. I kept the colours bright to attract and appeal to everyone, with the speech bubble of the logo framing it.