Minutes for Nestle/ Starpack.

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This was a Starpack Competition brief for chocolate company Nestle. The brief was to get busy people to take a few moments and enjoy chocolate.

The challenge is to design a new assortment of chocolates and a gift pack that is relevant to the modern world in which we live. The pack should be designed for busy people who never have time to sit down but still want to enjoy their favorite chocolates.

The brand we decided to go with was entitled ‘Minutes’. Both the element of the busy person and time was key. These phrases inspired the name; In a New York minute, Up to the minute, Every minute counts, One born every minute etc, they all mean in an instant, to show it only takes a minute for a quick treat.
A very clean, modern looking font was chosen and the clock element was incorporated in.

The packaging needed to be quick and convenient, so we designed a thin sliding box with 8 individually wrapped chocolates, which is easily accessible to a busy person. The overall design and colour pallet of the box is simple, a mix of both the time element and a dripping chocolate theme.
Often office environments have world clocks on their walls with the time of different countries, so we chose some flavours inspired by the most common countries, and gave them different clocks/colours.