Merthyr Self Storage

MSS & Removals for Merthyr Self Storage.

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Merthyr Self Storage is a localised business, that expanded into providing a removals services. The new services would be run along side the current business, but would have a new logo and branding.

The aim of this project was to create a new logo that would work well with the exist logo used for the storage side of the business as well as providing distinctive familiarity with new and existing customers, this was done by using related themes and the brand colour of the existing business. Addition branding was also designed which included two new leaflets and business cards.

Our approach was to create a new log relating to both moving/ removals, we based their new logo on the storage and moving boxes that they were using and incorporated a house into an open box using simple shapes, from there we tried several version to find the right mix of their desired brand colours of dark blue & yellow. The typographic element of the logo uses two san serif fonts, the bolder “Removals” part of the logo is italicized with arrow cut into the R to represent the moving service of the business.