Little White Lies

Super 8 for Little White Lies.

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This is a competition project for D&AD. The project was to create an illustrated magazine cover for Little White Lies Magazine. The aim of the project was to create a captivating illustration of the main character that would represent the atmosphere and the overall mood of 1 of 5 movies to choose from.

The 5 movies from the brief were: Tree of Life – Black Swan – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Super 8 – Drive.

The chosen movie that was illustrated in this magazine cover was Super 8, which was a sci-fi/ monster movie. The film followed a group of kids around their home town in Ohio who are trying to make their own movie, when they are caught in the middle of a horrific train crash that contains an alien/ monster that is responsible for the strange happenings and missing persons throughout the movie. The atmosphere set within the movie is a dark and eerie one due to the majority of the movie being set at night while the group of kids are being stalked by the alien.

The magazine cover portrays this dark and eerie theme set by Abram’s movie. The illustration uses elements from within the movie where kidnapped citizens are hanging from the ceiling of the alien’s lair underneath the town, where he is trying to rebuild a ship home. Using different colour blues to give depth to the lair as well as representing the electrical sparks that light the cavern.

Above the cavern in the illustration is a silhouette of the town, where the water tower takes pride of place behind the character, it makes up the main part of the ship the alien later escapes in. Also it includes the shapes of strange cubes that also make the alien’s craft, they surround the character because it’s one of the main things that connects him to the alien within the story, they’re littered throughout the movie.