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This was a YCN competition brief that was to redesign the packaging and the logo for, a company which delivers healthy snacks. The challenge of the brief was to re-brand the packaging and logo to emphasize the ‘natural’ & healthy theme.

The logo re-brand  had to represent their theme of natural & healthy. From the original logo I kept the layout of having the slogan under the main logo followed by .com in a rounded box. From there I incorporated an abstract olive and used the hole where the pimento would be as the dot in the .com, the logo also has the pick you get in a graze box going through the olive helping to bring the elements together.

The restrictions on the packaging part of the brief is that we could not alter the shape or size of the box, this included cutting holes and maintaining the surfaces of the current box as a canvas. The packaging redesign used, had a natural, back to nature vibe to it, the packaging was made to portray a picnic feel by using a frilled & tartan sort of pattern.

The exterior of the packaging portrays a sense of a neatly packaged snack or picnic box. Also maintaining the company’s strong use of imagery on the exterior as well giving a little sneak peak to the products inside. The design also retains some of brown from the packaging  so there is some similarity between old and new. The interior as well as the loose elements of the packaging redesign used the tartan pattern so that they all tie nicely together as if they were the same material used for the individual napkins and lining found in a real picnic basket.